The Importance of Clearing Energy in Your Home

Victor and I meditate together every morning. We have a small bedroom in our home that we converted into a meditation room in 1995. Each morning we go to that room, light our candles, smudge each other with a sage smudge wand to clear our energy fields, say an opening prayer together and then drop into silence. After the silence we take time read from a spiritual book and/or discuss different topics that have recently come up for us and how we might approach any challenges we are having in a spiritual way.

A couple of days ago our discussion revolved around the fact that we both had been feeling a lack of energy and focus. Being aware that we can personally take on energy that is not compatible with our own, part of our daily meditation process during our silent time is to clear ourselves using the Rainbow Clearing process. Simply doing this personal clearing process usually rejuvenates us almost instantly. Lately, however, it didn’t seem to be having its usual positive effect on either of us. It occurred to me that perhaps our home — in effect an extension of ourselves — needed a clearing. This idea resonated with both of us. So we interrupted our usual meditation routine and decided to smudge our home right away.

SmudgeWandWe lit the tip of our smudge wand with one of our meditation candles and began walking through our home waving the smoke from the wand into every room and into every corner of every room. We made sure we didn’t neglect smudging the closets also. As we smudged we held the intention of removing any stagnant or negative energy from our home.

Afterward we continued our meditation. We both felt a lightness that we had not felt prior to the clearing ritual. We ended our meditation and continue with our day. I had a phone call from a dear friend later in the morning. We were discussing a book project we are working on together. Within two minutes after we hung up, she called me back and said, “Carol, I just wanted to say that I feel something different in your energy — you seem lighter somehow. I just felt I should mention it.”

I told her that Victor and I had smudged our house that morning and that I actually felt lighter.  I was surprised that she had picked up on that over the phone. Now a few days since our smudging ritual, Victor and I both feel a definite shift in our energy. We’ve been more focused, able to get more work done and do not feel the tiredness we had been feeling. We decided that it would be good for us to smudge our home at least once a month.

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