The Color of Reiki Love

About 20 years ago a new tree was planted in my front yard by the Home Owners Association where I live. While the other trees planted that year started to leaf-out, my spindly, 5-foot-long, stick-in-the-ground did nothing. After watching it for a few weeks show no signs of life, I decided that it needed some love — that it needed to know it was a welcome addition to my yard. So I put my hands around this sad-looking stick and infused it with Reiki energy all the while talking to it, telling it how much I loved it.

Within two days of my Reiki treatment the tree began to sprout one little leaf at a time, until it had caught up with the other newly planted trees. It grew into a big, beautiful tree that graces my yard, but what it does at this time of the year is truly spectacular! The tree grows outside my meditation room window and every autumn it blesses me with the color of Reiki love. As I walk into my meditation room this is the scene that greets me!


Raising the blinds I am blessed with this amazing sight.

AutumnColors2-MeditationRoomThe blessings continue for about a month as the tree continues to change colors every day. Below is a photo I took of my tree in December last year.


This radiant tree is the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood and stands as my everyday reminder of the power (and color) of Reiki love!

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