Dissolving Clouds: A Story of Manifestation

This story took place in 2004.  Victor and I were sitting on a BART train that had stopped temporarily to repair a problem on the track. We were returning from San Francisco where we had just completed a meeting with an attorney who had agreed to file corporation papers on our behalf to start a new company we were forming with two other partners. He had informed us that it would take 3-7 days to get the paperwork filed and back from the State. Because we had contracts to sign with another company in a couple of days, we needed the corporation papers completed within 2-3 days.  The attorney said he’d try but couldn’t give us any guarantees that the paperwork could be expedited.

There we sat on the stalled BART train, Victor reading a book while I stared out the window. The day was bright and sunny with lots of wispy clouds forming intricate shapes against the azure sky. I sat looking out the window remembering a book I had read many years ago called Illusions by Richard Bach. I smiled as I recalled his description of how his teacher taught him to dissolve clouds.

After reading that book I became fascinated by the idea of dissolving clouds. Back in 1996 Victor and I had taken an 8-week road trip traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again, presenting workshops around the country. Eight weeks is a long time to be in a car so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to begin honing my skills at dissolving clouds. I found that if I picked out a small cloud and kept it in my field of vision, focusing ONLY on that cloud while thinking “dissolve, dissolve, dissolve…” it would begin dissolving right before my eyes. The more I practiced the easier it got. Soon I was dissolving clouds on command without any effort whatsoever.

These memories made me smile and since I had nothing else to do while sitting on the stalled BART train, I decided to start dissolving some clouds. I had successfully dissolved about three clouds when I said to Victor, “Well, I haven’t lost my knack at dissolving clouds. I just dissolved three of them.”

Peering over his reading glasses, he looked up from his book and said, “It sure would be great if you could figure out a way to use that skill of yours on something practical.” We both laughed and he went back to reading.

I sat there thinking about what he had said. What WAS the energy that I was using to dissolve clouds? How could that energy be used to produce something practical?

As I was pondering these and similar questions, the train began to move. As we sped by the countryside, I tried once again to focus on a cloud to dissolve. Now that we were moving, however, I found it impossible to do because the trees we were whizzing past were breaking up my field of vision and I could not focus my energy on an individual cloud. I closed my eyes and thought about the whole process of dissolving clouds. What did it entail? Focusing, without any distractions, all my energy on ONE chosen cloud with a laser-like intent of thought… dissolve, dissolve, dissolve….

There must be a way to use that energy to produce a practical result. The more I thought about it, I began to realize that dissolving clouds was actually a manifestation technique. It worked when there were no distractions interrupting my focused energy. What if I were to use the same type of focused energy to create a picture of something I wished to manifest? Would that work?

Victor and I have been meditating together every morning since 1995. The next morning during our meditation time, I suggested that we add a ritual to our meditation. Just before we say our prayers and go into our silent time, what if we decide between us to focus on one thing we both would like to manifest and during our silent time we each would hold a focused energy on a predetermined picture of the completed manifestation? Since we had just been to the attorney the day before and the corporation papers were both something we wanted to manifest in an expedient manner, we decided that we would focus on a picture of receiving an email from the attorney stating that our papers had been filed and approved. The email would include an attachment of our filed and approved paperwork. We both could picture what that would look like.

We began our meditation holding the vision and focusing our energy on the picture of the email with the attachment. This lasted perhaps about 3 minutes. After our meditation we continued our day as usual and both of us actually forgot about the manifestation process we had engaged in that morning.

At 5:00 that afternoon I checked my email and saw that I had received an email from the attorney. The subject line read: “Articles of Incorporation” and I could see before I opened it that it included an attachment.”

I clicked on the email and smiled when I read:

“2idi Corporation was incorporated in California effective yesterday, September 20, 2004. I have attached a copy of your endorsed-filed Articles of Incorporation (certified today).”

The attorney had been able to get the corporation papers filed and approved by the State in less than one day!! We received the email exactly as we had envisioned it within 9 hours of our meditation! Both Victor and I were in awe!

The following day we were facing a challenging meeting with an investor. We decided that during our meditation we would hold the picture of everyone at the conclusion of the meeting smiling and feeling that we had reached a win-win for all concerned. I’m happy to report that the meeting turned out exactly as we had visualized. And, I realized that I had found a practical use for my cloud dissolving skills! I encourage you to give it a try, and then post your experience on this blog!

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