The Empowerment of Surrender

The term “sur­ren­der” is sur­rounded by the con­no­ta­tion of “giv­ing up” or “los­ing the bat­tle.”  So when we are told to sur­ren­der to God by say­ing, “Thy Will be done,” we may feel that in some way we are giv­ing up some­thing we want but can’t have, or that we are giv­ing up our power. I now under­stand that sur­ren­der is the high­est form of empowerment.

In 1995 I under­went emer­gency open heart surgery for removal of a rare, tennis-ball sized tumor located inside my heart.  Fol­low­ing the three and one-half hour surgery doc­tors told Vic­tor that I had lit­tle chance of sur­viv­ing.  My pul­monary arter­ies had begun to spasm and my blood pres­sure dropped to 50 over 30. It had been 8 hours since the oper­a­tion and despite the best efforts of the hos­pi­tal staff, they had been unable to raise my blood pres­sure. They were cer­tain I was not going to make it.

Vic­tor, who was cer­ti­fied in hyp­nother­apy, asked if he could be with me. For the next two hours he whis­pered in my ear, explain­ing to my body what it needed to do to stay alive. He talked to my heart and talked to my arter­ies. Even though I had not regained con­scious­ness, he trusted that some part of me could hear him.

After two hours, he took a break and returned to the wait­ing room where he went into a med­i­ta­tion. Dur­ing that medi­a­tion he reached a point of sur­ren­der by say­ing to God, “Thy Will Be Done. It is my will that she stay here and I place her in your hands. Thy Will Be Done.” Within min­utes of his sur­ren­der, a nurse hur­ried into the wait­ing room to tell him my blood pres­sure was sta­bi­liz­ing. By the time they made it back to my room, my blood pres­sure had returned to nor­mal — 120 over 60.

It took about five days for me to fully regain con­scious­ness. I remem­ber an inci­dent one night as I was becom­ing more aware of my sur­round­ings. One of my nurses, a tall, thin, South African man, was min­is­ter­ing to me. I remem­ber being very cold and uncom­fort­able. He cov­ered me with heated blan­kets, helped adjust me in my bed, rubbed my back, all the while speak­ing to me softly in a sooth­ing melodic voice. At one point, he came to the foot of my bed and hold­ing gen­tly onto my feet he asked, “Mrs. Hansen, do you believe in miracles?”

Yes, I do,” I replied.

Well, I want you to know that when you came out of surgery, there was not one per­son on this floor who thought you had any chance of sur­viv­ing.” He paused and hold­ing my feet a lit­tle more firmly he con­tin­ued. “I saw you leave your body,” he said, paus­ing before con­tin­u­ing, “And, I saw angels bring­ing you back. I am here to tell you that you are a mir­a­cle and you need to always remem­ber it.” I will never for­get the lov­ing look in his eyes or the sooth­ing tone of his voice has he deliv­ered this mes­sage, giv­ing my feet a final gen­tle squeeze.  It felt as if he was pulling me fully back into my body.

After that point, each day I improved at such a rapid rate that it was being called a mir­a­cle by the hos­pi­tal staff. One of the doc­tors told me that in all his years of prac­tice he had never seen any­one undergo what I had under­gone and recover so rapidly. “It must be your pos­i­tive atti­tude,” he said.

Shortly after I returned home from the hos­pi­tal, Vic­tor and I were dis­cussing the power of sur­ren­der dur­ing one of our morn­ing med­i­ta­tions. Vic­tor was reminded of the mir­a­cle that occurred when he sur­ren­dered after my surgery.  It then became clear to us that when we sur­ren­der by say­ing, “Thy Will be done,” we are invok­ing OUR will as well as God’s Will.  We are one with God and our will IS God’s Will.

So now when­ever we use the Law of Attrac­tion to man­i­fest some­thing in our lives, we sur­ren­der our request and acknowl­edge our one­ness with God by saying:

Thy Will be done.
My will and Thy Will are One.

Thy Will be done.

Sur­ren­der is not “giv­ing up.”  It is con­sciously join­ing forces with the unlim­ited nature of your God Self.  This is the high­est form of empowerment!

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