The Empowerment of Surrender

The term “surrender” is surrounded by the connotation of “giving up” or “losing the battle.”  So when we are told to surrender to God by saying, “Thy Will be done,” we may feel that in some way we are giving up something we want but can’t have, or that we are giving up our power. I now understand that surrender is the highest form of empowerment.

In 1995 I underwent emergency open heart surgery for removal of a rare, tennis-ball sized tumor located inside my heart.  Following the three and one-half hour surgery doctors told Victor that I had little chance of surviving.  My pulmonary arteries had begun to spasm and my blood pressure dropped to 50 over 30. It had been 8 hours since the operation and despite the best efforts of the hospital staff, they had been unable to raise my blood pressure. They were certain I was not going to make it.

Victor, who was certified in hypnotherapy, asked if he could be with me. For the next two hours he whispered in my ear, explaining to my body what it needed to do to stay alive. He talked to my heart and talked to my arteries. Even though I had not regained consciousness, he trusted that some part of me could hear him.

After two hours, he took a break and returned to the waiting room where he went into a meditation. During that mediation he reached a point of surrender by saying to God, “Thy Will Be Done. It is my will that she stay here and I place her in your hands. Thy Will Be Done.” Within minutes of his surrender, a nurse hurried into the waiting room to tell him my blood pressure was stabilizing. By the time they made it back to my room, my blood pressure had returned to normal — 120 over 60.

It took about five days for me to fully regain consciousness. I remember an incident one night as I was becoming more aware of my surroundings. One of my nurses, a tall, thin, South African man, was ministering to me. I remember being very cold and uncomfortable. He covered me with heated blankets, helped adjust me in my bed, rubbed my back, all the while speaking to me softly in a soothing melodic voice. At one point, he came to the foot of my bed and holding gently onto my feet he asked, “Mrs. Hansen, do you believe in miracles?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied.

“Well, I want you to know that when you came out of surgery, there was not one person on this floor who thought you had any chance of surviving.” He paused and holding my feet a little more firmly he continued. “I saw you leave your body,” he said, pausing before continuing, “And, I saw angels bringing you back. I am here to tell you that you are a miracle and you need to always remember it.” I will never forget the loving look in his eyes or the soothing tone of his voice has he delivered this message, giving my feet a final gentle squeeze.  It felt as if he was pulling me fully back into my body.

After that point, each day I improved at such a rapid rate that it was being called a miracle by the hospital staff. One of the doctors told me that in all his years of practice he had never seen anyone undergo what I had undergone and recover so rapidly. “It must be your positive attitude,” he said.

Shortly after I returned home from the hospital, Victor and I were discussing the power of surrender during one of our morning meditations. Victor was reminded of the miracle that occurred when he surrendered after my surgery.  It then became clear to us that when we surrender by saying, “Thy Will be done,” we are invoking OUR will as well as God’s Will.  We are one with God and our will IS God’s Will.

So now whenever we use the Law of Attraction to manifest something in our lives, we surrender our request and acknowledge our oneness with God by saying:

Thy Will be done.
My will and Thy Will are One.

Thy Will be done.

Surrender is not “giving up.”  It is consciously joining forces with the unlimited nature of your God Self.  This is the highest form of empowerment!

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