The Importance of Follow Through

It seems that life always gifts us with opportunities to take action and follow through. Following through on an action is probably the thing that I most often neglect and then I wonder why I’m not getting my desired result. Yesterday I was reminded of the importance of follow-through and I’m still somewhat in a state of awe at the result.

If you read yesterday’s post about Finding the Gift in Every Experience, you know that Victor and I are going through quite a disruption in our typically peaceful lives. One of the ways we are dealing with not having the use of a kitchen for several weeks is that we ordered a Convection Toaster Oven Broiler from According to the UPS tracking number it was supposed to arrive yesterday about 3:00pm. I checked on the item in the morning and it indicated that it was “out for delivery.”

Around 2:00pm I saw, through my office window, the UPS truck drive down our street and turn in our driveway. I assumed it was my order and went to open the door only to see the truck turn around in our driveway and head back down the street in the opposite direction. It stopped about half a block away. The driver got out, delivered a package and drove off. He was close enough that I could have gotten his attention if I had tried and I had an intuition to do so. But I ignored the intuition figuring that this is the holiday season and UPS puts on extra drivers. So, my package was probably coming on a different truck. (Note to self: Listen and take action on your intuition.)

I went back to work and didn’t really think about checking the tracking information again until about 6:00 when the package had not yet arrived. When I checked I was aghast to see that it said the package had been delivered at 2:00 and left on the front porch. I immediately went outside to look on my porch to see if I had inadvertently not seen the package being delivered. There was no package. I then went to the back of the house to see if perhaps UPS had delivered the package to our parking pad or to our patio. There was no package.

So I took action. I got the tracking number and called the UPS customer support number (800-742-5877) to report that we had indeed NOT received the package they indicated had been delivered. I got a nice woman on the line who said that she would look into the problem and get back to me no later than the following morning. She also said that I should call Amazon and let them know that the package had not been delivered. She said that UPS and Amazon have a system in place so that they can work together to resolve delivery issues. I asked if she had a phone number for Amazon since I’ve never been able to find one listed on their website. She was sorry but she didn’t have a number.

This called for some follow-through. It was getting late and I was getting tired, but I decided to see if I could, indeed, get in touch by phone with someone at Amazon. I logged in and clicked on the “Contact Us” button.  Then I was able to get to the Customer Service page.  After you answer the first two questions, you have a choice of “How would you like to contact us?”  One of the choices is “Phone.”  I clicked on “Phone,” put in my phone number, and IMMEDIATELY my phone rang. I picked up and found I was on the phone with a customer service representative!  She said that she would check into the matter and order a replacement shipment to be made immediately.  I was quite amazed at how easy this was.

So that was that!  Victor and I ate a cold dinner of left-overs and settled in for the night to watch a movie. At 7pm the doorbell rang. It was the UPS delivery guy who had our package.  He apologized for the mixup saying that he had inadvertently delivered it to the wrong house earlier and was happy that we had made the report so that he could correct the error.  WOW!! That was REALLY great service on the part of UPS and also made me realize how important it had been on my part to follow-through! I love these little life lessons!

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