Love of Calligraphy Leads to Love of Fonts

In the article I posted yesterday I spoke of my love of calligraphy and how that evolved in the 1970s. Once I got my first Mac in 1986, however, my love of calligraphy evolved into a love affair with fonts. I became so fascinated with all these different letter-forms that I decided to take a class at our local college in font creation. I quickly realized that I don’t have the skill or patience to design my OWN font faces, so I decided to simply start collecting fonts that really appealed to me. Today my collection is at 5500+ fonts. Managing this number of fonts can by a challenge and so I want to share with you what I’ve found to be the BEST font management program available. It’s called Font Explorer Pro originally made by Linotype. My understanding is that they actually created this as an in-house program to manage their company’s fonts and then decided to release it as a program for others to use. So, if you share with me a love for fonts and have a huge collection that you wish you could better manage, check out Font Explorer Pro.

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