Why Imperfect is Sometimes Perfect

Each day my blog features a quote that I have found meaningful.  Today’s quote by Robert H. Schuller struck a chord with me:

“Better to do something imperfectly
than to do nothing perfectly.”

How often do we put off doing something because we don’t feel that we know how to do it “just right”?  I put off starting a blog for over 3 years because I didn’t feel I knew how to do it. Then in the past couple of months I realized that I had missed so many opportunities to share information and ideas through this medium that it would be better for me to just “jump in” and learn as I go rather than to put it off any longer.

So as I increase my skills and learn new blogging techniques, the blog keeps changing.  For instance, yesterday I learned how to add several widgets (the Archives, tag cloud and calendar). I now realize that jumping into something that calls to me even though I don’t know how to do it perfectly provides invaluable learning experiences.

For me, learning is the ultimate goal and there are myriad opportunities to learn when I am willing to be imperfect! So I invite you to take the leap and do something that you’ve been longing to do and allow yourself the opportunity to be imperfect.

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