Keeping Chickens: The Story of a Mother’s Love and Follow-Through

Recently I posted an article I had written about the importance of follow through. This is an instance that takes follow-through to a whole new level and illustrates what can happen when a mother is focused on the welfare of her child even if it means fighting “city hall.”

Nancy and I have been friends for several years. She and I met at a local gym and together with my friend, Jan, we started a water aerobics class that met three times a week for over a year.  During that time the three of us became really close.

Water Aerobics with Nancy, Jan and Carol

Nancy lives in a small rural town and has a son who suffers from Tourette Syndrome. Over a year ago she got him two baby chicks not knowing that it was against a town ordinance to have chickens.  She also was not aware at the time of the positive effects those chicks would have on her son.

As chicks will do, they soon grew into hens and Nancy’s husband built a chicken coop for them.  Their son, who is 9, loved to go into the chicken coop and spend time with the chickens.  Nancy noticed that her son’s Tourette symptoms noticeably diminished when he spent time holding and sitting with the chickens. They were having an amazingly positive effect on him.

When a neighbor complained to the town board about Nancy’s chickens a long battle began for Nancy to be able to keep her chickens. A great story about Nancy’s follow-through that led to her victory to be able to keep her son’s “therapy chickens” was recently published in the Contra Costa Times. Check it out and see more photos.

Nancy, Bretten and their "therapy" chickens

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2 Responses to Keeping Chickens: The Story of a Mother’s Love and Follow-Through

  1. Nancy casaf rands says:

    Thank you so much, Carol!!! I love the article that you wrote!

  2. You are certainly welcome, Nancy! I admire your tenacity in getting what you knew you needed for Bretten’s well-being! You are an example to us all.