Kitchen Remediation Update-1

Here are photos of the progress on our kitchen remediation:

First a couple of photos of how the kitchen looked prior to this project:

This is what the kitchen looked like prior to the remediation project. This picture was taken in 2004 right after we had our new laminate floor installed and also our new stovetop.
This is what our kitchen looked like in 2006 when we had our cabinets refaced.

Preparing for the remediation

To prepare for the project all the lower kitchen cabinets needed to be emptied and everything from the kitchen needed to be moved to the living room. Here you see our kitchen table, chairs, refrigerator and boxes containing the food that was located in the lower cabinets. (Dec. 17 & 18)

The asbestos removal.

In order to get to the damaged subflooring, the upper laminate flooring and the linoleum underneath had to be removed. Unfortunately, the linoleum contained asbestos, so the entire kitchen had to be sealed and vented. Here is the hallway leading to the kitchen with the “tent” that allowed the workmen to enter and exit the contaminated area. An air duct was installed from the sealed kitchen to an asbestos trapping unit on the patio. (Dec. 19)

Sub-Flooring photos

This shows the wet subflooring.
This shows the culprit leaking dishwasher
A closeup of the rotted floor under the dishwasher after the dishwasher was removed
The sink and all the cabinets on that wall needed to be removed.
This shows the damaged subflooring under the cabinets and the mold along the wall where the cabinets had been.
Removal of damaged subflooring (Dec. 26)
Removal of damaged subflooring (Dec. 26)

More photos to come as the process continues!



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