Announcing the Birth of Our New Kitchen

For all of you who have been following us through our “labor” you’ll be happy to know that it is now is the time to celebrate. The construction crew worked like crazy yesterday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and got everything accomplished so that we can actually now use our kitchen once again. The only thing remaining is for the flooring to be installed and that will happen today!

Here are some pictures of their progress.

Fitting the new Countertop Corner

New Countertop is in place

Closeup of the countertop corner

Sawing holes in countertop for stove top and sink

Closeup: Sawing Hole for Stove Top

Closeup of Sawing Hole for Sink

Hole for sink

Installing Sink

Sink installed

Installing plumbing

New plumbing and disposal installed

Installing New Dishwasher

New Wall Shelf in Place

Sink, Dishwasher and Stove Top all installed

Kitchen with installed sink, dishwasher and stove top

Another view of the kitchen with installed appliances

Moving back in

Loving my new kitchen shelf


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