Our Kitchen Now Has a Floor!

I began this series of posts with a limerick that I remembered from my childhood:

I wish my room had a floor
I don’t care much for a door
But this walking around
Without touching the ground
Is getting to be such a bore.

Hole in Kitchen Floor after water-damaged sub-flooring was removed.

So I thought it would be appropriate to end this series of posts with another limerick I just made up:

Our kitchen now has a floor.
It’s beautiful down to its core.
All the dry rot’s replaced
And it’s solidly braced.
It’s a floor that we now do adore!!

Here are some photos of the floor installation that was finished in just three hours!

Preparing for the Kitchen Floor Installation

Kitchen Floor Installation begins

Kitchen Floor Installation progress

Collage of Finished Kitchen Floor

Finished Kitchen with Furniture & Appliances

New kitchen shelf (from Living Room)

New kitchen shelf (from kitchen view)

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2 Responses to Our Kitchen Now Has a Floor!

  1. Kimberly King says:

    Congratulations Dear Ones!! A happy ending (?) to your amazing “that’s bad, that’s good” adventure! The floor looks lovely. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Kimberly. I totally agree that the “that’s bad, that’s good” adventure had an amazingly happy ending for which we are extremely grateful. It was such a pleasure yesterday to actually cook dinner in our kitchen after a month of “camping out” in our living room and using the bathroom sink to prepare food and wash dishes. Victor, who makes a great salad for us every day, was especially grateful to be able to use the kitchen sink once again to wash the salad greens and veggies.