Overcoming the Resistance to Exercising

It’s interesting for me to pay attention to how my body is coping with getting older. Ellen Potthoff, my chiropractor/ND, who I’ve been seeing twice a month for many years has been ON me about adding regular exercise to my life. I have never liked exercising (since I was a kid) so I’ve always put up this mental block about exercising and when I do actually exercise I do it out of some sense of obligation without feeling any joy whatsoever. So, Ellen’s constant harping finally got me to do some metaphysical work around my resistance to exercising. I decided to look into re-joining the gym that is just down the street. I had stopped going a couple of years ago because I and two of the friends I exercised with had a really big dispute with the management. All three of us quit and I was so angry I even wrote a letter to the corporate office about how we were being treated. I swore I would never join again.

Well, my exercise buddy and I decided to “bury the hatchet” and at least look into re-joining the club. To our pleasant surprise, all the managers with whom we had issues are gone, and they even offered to give us a really good price to rejoin. So we joined last Friday (that was the first step).

The next step was to try to figure out when we could both fit this into our schedules. We decided to meet this past Monday for a circuit class they offer at 9:45 and then do their water aerobics class at 10:30. That worked out OK except I felt like I had lost the entire morning because by the time I got home it was time to start cooking lunch (our main meal of the day) and I really hadn’t accomplished any income producing work at all that morning!

So I had to examine another one of my resistances about not fitting exercise into my routine — that I do all of my creative work when I get up early in the morning (i.e., 5:30 am) and if I don’t do it then, I will lose my creative energy and ideas. I realized this was just a smoke-screen excuse for not exercising during that time. Unless I’m in the process of writing a book (which I find I definitely do better in the very early morning hours) I actually use that early morning time checking my email and attending to things that could be done easily without engaging in a deep creative process. That “early morning creative time” excuse was completely blown.

My last resistance excuse was that I had to be able to coordinate my exercise schedule with my friends in order to make me feel more accountable in going to the gym on a certain schedule. So, I decided yesterday morning to go to the gym at 6 AM by myself, do a half hour of exercise on my own, then go into the pool for a half hour and do my own water aerobics routine. It actually felt GREAT! I showered at the gym and was home by 7:15! I was filled with energy and got a lot of creative work done on various projects. In fact I realized for the first time I can remember, that I had an actual feeling of enjoyment around exercising. WOW, what a shift. After I returned from the gym, Victor and I did our morning meditation together. I told him how I had actually enjoyed going to the gym and working out. He looked at me and joked, “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?”

So the last resistance excuse has been uncovered and removed. My metaphysical process around the resistance to exercise included using the Free Yourself process of uncovering and transforming my limiting thoughts and also saying the prayer below. Both Victor and I have begun saying this prayer as we are going to bed at night (and at various time during the day when we are feeling that there is something physically challenging going on in our lives). We have it hanging in our bedroom wall where we can see it just before turning out the lights. It comes out of the St. Germain Ascended Masters Handbook with the suggestion that you say it just before retiring for the night so the “conscious workers” (the intelligence within every cell of our bodies) can be doing their good work while we sleep.

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