The Esoteric Meaning of the Butterfly

This is a wonderful article about personal transformation by Linda-Ann Stewart that I highly recommend reading.

The short life span and beauty of the butterfly is symbolic of early spiritual growth. Lessons of life will be shown during sometimes difficult formative years and come to light as the butterfly spirit begins to fly. They hold the gift of transformation and soul evolution.

The Symbol of the Butterfly | Consciously Connecting.

The Butterfly Effects signals the emergence of consciousness
in the alchemy of time.”

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Octaves of Thought & Reaching Perfect Happiness

Octaves of Thought

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in my blog. Victor and I have been keeping busy with many personal and client related projects that have taken me away from “blogging time.”  During my blogging hiatus, Victor and I have also started re-reading an old book (written in 1934) during our morning meditations that we read many years ago called “Ascended Master Instruction.”  This book has had a great influence on our spiritual growth and thought process over the years and the walls of our meditation room are filled with affirmations gleaned from its pages.

We are finding that we are now reading the book from a different consciousness than when we first studied it years ago.  Every morning our meditation feels like a wonderful and enlightening journey.

I plan to blog in the future on some of the principles that we are finding particularly enlightening this time around.  So I am starting this series of blog posts with a graphic I created from what we read yesterday morning. The Octaves of Thought graphic shows a spectrum of higher consciousness thoughts and lower consciousness thoughts.

Thought is the creative energy of the universe.  Whatever we dwell upon and think about, we create and attract to us.  Therefore, it is imperative when we become consciously aware of our thoughts and determine where they are falling in the Octaves of Thought spectrum. When we find ourselves in the lower spectrum, we need to take action to move our thoughts into the Light.

Here is an excerpt from the Ascended Master Instruction that explains a process that you can use to raise the consciousness of your thoughts.

“The idea for the individual to follow is that when he feels some kind of disturbance and wants to turn to God, he may do the following: Get up and go through the motions of taking off a garment that one does not want and, as you would hold the discarded garment in your hand, drop it into the Consuming Flame and know that the disturbing element is consumed.

“Then fix the attention on God, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” with the Joyous Consciousness of feeling and receiving the Current of Happiness and Peace filling the mind and body. With a little practice in this manner, the Student will soon be able to come to the point where he or she can draw this great Happiness consciously and at will.”

Following is an excerpt that explains the alchemical property of Perfect Happiness.

“Happiness is God in Action. To be conscious of seeking Happiness is to be conscious of seeking God.”

“Happiness is a powerful alchemy.  It is one of the most powerful purifiers of the human thought, feeling, mind, body, aura and world of the individual.”

Imagine what our world would be like if EVERYONE could raise their thoughts into the Higher Consciousness spectrum:

Happiness would abound and Peace would prevail!

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The Perfect Gift: A Hug

I come from a family of huggers, especially on my mom’s side. From my earliest memories, whenever we went to visit relatives and close friends everyone gave and received big hugs. It just seemed the natural “thing to do” when greeting friends and family. So when I started dating Ken, the man who became my first husband, I was surprised when I realized that his Scandinavian parents did NOT hug.  I, of course, didn’t want to seem out of place, so I learned their custom and never tried to hug them when we visited. I still vividly remember the time when Ken enlisted in the Air Force and had gotten orders to leave for Japan. He was saying goodbye to his mom at the door and she uncomfortably shook his hand and said, “Take good care of yourself, son. We’ll miss you.”

Ken and I were married for 20 years and during that time, even though I felt very close to his mom and dad, I had never exchanged a hug with either of them. I moved to California the summer after we divorced and made a trip back “home” to Wisconsin during the Christmas season.  I made a point to go and visit his mom and dad.  As I was leaving I decided to make a bold move.  I went over to his mom and gave her a big hug and told her how much I loved her.  At first I felt her body stiffen and then it softened as she hugged me back.  Encouraged, I decided to also give his dad a hug.  I could almost see the terror in his eyes as I approached, but that didn’t stop me.  I gave him a big hug and received the exact same response — first a stiffening and then a softening.  It was a magical moment!

From that point on, whenever I visited them, they welcomed my hugs literally with open arms.  I only wish I had learned that lesson 20 years earlier and had begun my in-law relationship with a hug!

I encourage you to give someone a hug today! It may be the perfect gift for both of you!

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Announcing My Newest eBook!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted on my blog.  I’ve been busy writing my newest ebook in my HOW DO I… ebook series: How Do I Create Peace Within Myself and in the World.  It’s a book I’ve been wanting to write for quite a while as I feel that we, as a planet, are getting closer and closer to a time when we all need to make a choice for peace if the planet is to survive.

This ebook presents two unique and powerful tools to help you reach a state of inner peace. You will also come to understand how important achieving inner peace is to creating peace in the world.  Both these tools are simple to use. The hardest part is remembering to use them! In Chapter One I explain why it’s important to pay attention to our thoughts and understand their power. Chapter Two describes a process called “Free Yourself from Fear” that transforms negative and limiting thoughts. Chapter Three describes the idea behind the World Peace Experiment, how it began, how to participate and how world peace could be achieved using a very simple tool. Chapter Four contains hundreds of inspiring comments from World Peace Experiment participants around the world.  The last chapter contains a list of further reading and resources.

The ebook is over 100 pages in length and is now available on Amazon for only $2.99.  I hope you will check it out!

Here is a picture of the cover.

How Do I Create Peace Within Myself and in the World


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Giving New Life to Unused Gadgets You Own

I just found this interesting list on the Lifehacker blog of ways you can give new life to old gadgets you may have laying around your house or office.  Most of these gadgets are outdated electronics like old computers and laptops, dead hard drives, old cables, etc.  Take a look.  You might find an idea you can use.

Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With the
Underused Gadgets You Already Own

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Common Grammar Mistakes

I recently came across a very informative post by Tracy Sestill on her blog “Social Strand Media.”  It outlines nine common grammar mistakes and includes some tricks to remember how not to make them.  Included in the list are the following: It’s vs. Its, Your vs. You’re, Affect vs. Effect, Which vs. That, Lay vs. Lie (and more…)

If you do any writing, this is a great reference:

9 Grammar Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Readers

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Love Is a Natural Human Condition

I recently ran across this quote from Nelson Mandela and felt the power of its message.  So I created this image that speaks for itself.


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Meditation Boosts the Brain

This is a really interesting article about recent scientific studies on the effects of meditation on human cognition and physical health. Results are linking meditative practice to improved memory, concentration and self-control, and the lowering of stress, blood pressure and other psychological conditions. Read full article here:
Meditation Boosts the Brain

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Manifesting Your Ideal Relationship Using the Law of Attraction

In 1985 my 20 year marriage ended in an amiable divorce and I moved from Wisconsin to California with my three children. After many years of being a single mom, I decided that it was time for me to have a man in my life. Since I was “spiritually inclined” I decided that I would put my metaphysical principles to work and manifest the “perfect” man.

Every day for 20 minutes I went into my “manifesting workshop” with pad and pen and started making a list of everything I wanted in a relationship: an intelligent man who is on a conscious spiritual path, a truthful man who is willing to grow along with me, a man who will work alongside me and be the “wind under my wings,” a man who is fun and comfortable to be around, a man who listens—really listens, a man who is wise and understanding, a man who is compassionate, caring and nurturing. I desired a relationship with a man who loves to travel and meet exciting and interesting people. I desired a relationship where we shared mutual appreciation and respect for one another.

During the day I gathered “data” by observing other couples and making mental notes about how they interacted and what appealed to me. Then I would add to and refine my list.

After about three weeks wonderful men started showing up in my life. They met almost all my “requirements,” however, every one of them was gay. When this observation hit home, I knew it was time to once again refine my list. I added that the man I wanted to attract had to be heterosexual. After that addition to the list young men in their 20s and 30s started showing up in my life. They were all wonderful and matched the criteria I had listed, but I didn’t feel that we had a mutual history we could share.  That prompted me to make yet another refinement to my list: “I want to attract a man my age.” That was the final entry I made on my list.

Three days later I was at a monthly networking breakfast I regularly attended. We each had an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the group and tell something about our work. A man who was new the group introduced himself as Victor Grey. He was a hypnotherapist and had recently moved to California from Connecticut. He was looking for a place to do his work. I told him about the healing center I directed and invited him to take a tour. We made an appointment for the next day. He loved the center and decided to join the staff.

As was my custom, I always invited new staff members to come as a guest to one of my weekly Lighten Up workshops — I didn’t want anyone on my staff who didn’t love themselves! My next workshop was in a couple of days and Victor attended. After the workshop he told me how much he had loved the workshop and asked if he could repay my kindness by letting him paint my portrait (among his many talents, he is also an accomplished artist). I was thrilled to accept. We made an appointment to meet at the Center on the following day.

After he finished my portrait we spent a couple of hours talking and sharing life experiences. During the course of the conversation he just happened to mention that he was 50. I said, “Oh, you’re my age.” As soon as those words came out of my mouth a thought that had not occurred to me before immediately jumped into my consciousness: “I wonder if this is the guy?”

The next day I left for Wisconsin for three weeks. All the while I was gone I kept wondering if Victor was “the guy.” When I returned, I called him to see how he was doing at the Center. He said he loved it and then he suggested that we get together sometime. I told him that I was having an out-of-town guest over for dinner the next evening and asked if he would like to join us. He accepted. The three of us had a great evening and when my guest retired for the evening, Victor and I stayed up and talked until 3 AM. Three weeks later he moved in with me.

Carol & Victor at Reunion Center (2005)

Victor fulfilled every “requirement” on my list and more. He is spiritual, intelligent, caring, nurturing, kind and compassionate. He appreciates, honors and respects me, as I do him. He is my age!

After we had been together for a few months, Victor shared with me what he had been going through before we met. He had been in California for almost a year and was feeling lost and alone. His hypnotherapy practice was not taking off and he was actually considering moving back to Connecticut. One day he went for a walk in the redwoods and during that walk he visualized his life as a big ball in his hands. He held out the ball and offered it to Spirit, saying, “Here, you take it, it’s Yours. Do with it what You will.” The next day he decided to attend a networking breakfast someone had told him about and that is where he met me!

Victor began teaching Lighten Up workshops with me and we travelled around the country meeting interesting people and sharing our spiritual gifts. Together we developed a new workshop called Free Yourself from Fear. We started a publishing company and produced several books, CDs and other products. We bring Spirit into our relationship every day by meditating together each morning. We both believe that our conscious relationship has blossomed into a co-creative relationship because of our commitment to Spirit.

On the fifth anniversary of being together we were married in a private ceremony performed at the retreat home of a husband and wife team of Unity ministers who had become dear friends. This year marks our 19th year together!

We truly believe that our relationship was orchestrated by Spirit and each day we express our gratitude for the life we share together.

Carol & Victor - Feb. 14, 2012

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Self-Judgment: The Road to a Broken Heart

Today’s quote really spoke to me in a powerful way.

Each time you judge yourself,
you break your own heart.
~ Swami Kripalvanandji

I’ve been teaching people the importance of loving themselves for over 20 years, and know that negative self-judgment is one of the major obstacles to overcome in the process of reaching a place of unconditional self-love.  What I never put together until reading today’s quote is the impact of self-judgment on your heart.

When a loved one hurts or betrays us by judging us negatively, we often say that person “broke my heart.”  We feel it in our heart!  Why is it then, that when we judge ourselves in an unkind way, we don’t think about it as “breaking our heart?”  And, yet that is exactly what it does.  I can see now that each negative thought we have about ourselves is like a poison dart to the heart.  As we allow our negative self-judgments to accumulate, the poison in those darts paves the way to a broken heart.

Let us resolve today, that we will nurture our hearts by ceasing all self-judgment and begin a heart-healing process of self-love.

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