Online Services I Recommend, and Why

As web developers and ebook publishers, Victor and I are often asked by our clients to recommend companies. The companies listed in the right sidebar under Affiliate Ads are all companies that I highly recommend. Each one has made a positive contribution to some aspect of my online business.
(Disclaimer: I do have an affiliate relationship with each of these companies and receive an affiliate commission if someone engages one of these services by clicking on a link from this site.)

Aside from the commission, however, I would be promoting these services and listed below are the specific reasons I do business with these companies:

Madmimi is an extraordinary email service! I manage the email list for ACIM Weekly Thoughts which is currently well over 10,000 subscribers. When the Foundation for Inner Peace decided to launch this program a couple of years ago, we looked at all the email services that were available at the time. None of them could even come close to the price, the convenience of use, and the features that were offered by Madmimi. Also, their customer service is stellar! I had a problem late on a Friday night with a mailing I was working on. I sent in a support ticket not expecting to hear back until sometime on Monday. I was blown away when I got pinged on Skype within 5 minutes of submitting my ticket. The woman who responded was amazing! She went into my account and showed me through Skype video exactly what I had to do to accomplish the task I was working on!! I have never experienced customer service at that level from any online service! If you are in the market for an outstanding email service, I highly suggest you look into Madmimi!

Victor and I have been using Namecheap as our domain registrar for several years. The company we used prior to Namecheap (a company called DomainDirect) got bought out by a company that was HORRIBLE to deal with on MANY levels. We started looking for another service that had a good reputation and offered the services that we needed for the many sites that we manage for ourselves and for our clients (over 150). We settled on Namecheap and have been really pleased with them on all levels. The few times that we’ve had to contact customer service we were actually able to talk to a LIVE person within a few minutes (almost unheard of these days). They offer a full range of other services also, including SSL certificates (that you need if you are selling things from your website), web hosting, and a unique service called Whois Guard that keeps your domain registration information (i.e., your name, address, email and phone number) private. When you register a domain with other registrars not offering this service, your registration information is available to the public (i.e., to spammers, marketing firms and other online “fraudsters”). Namecheap’s registration process is easy and although it is not the “cheapest” registrar around, I would actually rather work with a company that has a good reputation for quality service than one that offers really low prices but is impossible to contact and difficult to work with. I highly recommend you consider Namecheap the next time you want to register a domain name.

We have been using AudioAcrobat since they first started their service many years ago. It is without a doubt the best way to serve audio and video on your website. We use this service to serve all the ACIM online audio lessons (366 of them) and all the video that is on the and websites. We also use it for many of our other clients websites including and as well as our own personal websites. The company also offers many other services including the ability to create your own online radio shows and podcasts, to record conference calls, and more. They also have a great affiliate referral program. If you are looking for a great way to stream audio and video on your site, and to make some money by recommending their service, AudioAcrobat fits the bill!

Victor and I started using Shopify for our Open Heart Press Online Store in 2007 and we could not be more pleased. We have also set up several of our clients with Shopify stores including the Foundation for Inner Peace ( Their service provides 100s of templates to customize your online store (or you can create your own custom design). Setup is fast and easy — within a couple of hours you can actually have a professionally designed online store. They provide in depth statistics, automatic backups and the industry standard for SSL encryption so your customer data is secure. They offer a variety of plans to choose from but before you decide, you can sign up for a free trial. If you’ve been thinking of starting an online store, be sure to check out Shopify!
I have to admit that I love Whenever I search for a product online, I am continually amazed when Amazon comes up first. They seem to sell everything. The price is usually the lowest and with free shipping through my Prime account it is really easy to order and have the product delivered within two days. However, there is another reason I love They have taken ebook publishing to a new level making it easy for authors to publish an ebook and have it available through Amazon within days after having finished the writing, formatting and uploading. Another reason to publish through Amazon is that they pay the highest royalties in the publishing world. Definitely check out their Kindle publishing service!

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4 Responses to Online Services I Recommend, and Why

  1. Pamela Powers says:

    Hi Carol. Thanks for this. Think I’ll move my personal website and JJ’s to Namecheap from They are sooooooo predatory! “Renewed’ items I never had in the first place!

  2. Carol, I love it when someone I trust publishes recommendations I can really use. I was just discussing with someone what to do about a really good domain name registrar. Namecheap came up but I’d never heard of them. Now I have!