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A Peaceful World Through Truthful Relationships

One of the most important lessons I am learning in this lifetime is the importance of expressing my truth and allowing others to express their’s without judgment. I’ve come to believe that when a person is expressing something from their … Continue reading

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2012: Year of Power

I really love this beautiful, insightful and powerful video by Lee Harris. Well worth you time and attention to watch!

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When I Grow Up – 6 year old wisdom!

Love the “heart” wisdom of this little girl — especially watch the end! Check it out:

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The Importance of Clearing Yourself

Victor and I have been teaching this technique for many years in our workshops and on our various books & CDs. We tell people that the hardest part of the process is REMEMBERING to do it. That is true for … Continue reading

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At Long Last… I’m Blogging

Sticky NoteWelcome to my Open Heart Blog featuring heart-opening articles & stories spanning such topics as self-love, inner peace, world peace and personal empowerment.  Although I am certainly not new to online technology, I am new to blogging.  Victor created our very first website, openheart.com, in 1996 to help us promote our Lighten Up workshops and also to engage people in the World Peace Experiment.  Shortly thereafter we actually got into the web development business and started CustomDynamic.net.  I had often talked about starting a blog, but in each instance I found other ways to share information with my online community, through articles I would write and post on my CarolHansenGrey.com website, through a variety of email lists I belong to, and through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Why did I need a blog??

Recently, however, it became clear to me that I wanted a way to share, in a more personal way, my thoughts and feelings about things that are truly close to my heart (i.e., self-love and why that’s so important in the BIG PICTURE of your life; Inner Peace and World Peace and how the two are related; Personal Empowerment, and why the empowerment of women is especially important to achieving peace in the world).  I’m sure the topics that are explored in this blog will spill over into other related topics.  However, I do want to say upfront, that this blog is not and will not become a platform for my political beliefs.  I will reserve those ideas for Facebook and other social media.

Although this is really MY blog and I know that I will be doing most of the posting, you will notice that the blog header has both my name and Victor’s name listed.  Victor and I have been together as a couple since 1994 and were married in 1999.  We started meditating together every morning in 1996 using A Course in Miracles as our touchstone.  It is during those meditations that we receive most of our inspiration and spiritual guidance.  We spend time during that meditative space to discuss and explore that guidance together.  This blog may become the vehicle where we can both share some of that inspirational guidance with you.

So, once again, welcome to the Open Heart. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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