Our Trip to Texas

Hello, again!  It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted an article on my blog. Victor and I have been traveling.  We took a trip to the Austin area to visit my daughter, Liz, and family who live just outside Austin.  They have been in the process of building a guest house on their property and invited us to be the first guests to initiate it! The guest house has a living room with a large flat screen TV, a beautifully tiled kitchen and bath and a lovely bedroom. Here are some photos.

The first morning we were greeted by 16 deer outside the kitchen window.

Unfortunately it rained most of the time we were there it but that didn’t dampen our spirits as we reconnected with our 3 grandsons who have grown so much since we last saw them.

On one of our outings Liz drove me and 5 boys (her sons and two of their friends) to San Antonio in the hopes of visiting the Alamo, but the wait was 3 hours long so we decided to go to Ripley’s Believe It or Not instead.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been to that attraction and was actually very much impressed with many of the exhibits.  Here are some photos.

Grandson Collin standing by replica of world’s fattest man

Grandsons Dylan (2nd from Left) and Blake (on Right) with friends standing by a replica of the world’s tallest man

Portrait of Ellis made completely out of butterfly wings (no paint or other coloring used)

20 ft high toothpick replica of the Eiffel Tower


Four samples of over 20 exquisitely detailed hand painted butterfly wings

After Ripley’s we took a walk along the river and saw the sights.  Here is a photo of the 5 boys on one of the bridges.

We all were getting mighty hungry but had a hard time finding a restaurant that didn’t have an hour-long wait for seating.  We finally ended up at Fuddruckers where we were able to get a table to accommodate all 7 of us.  The kids all got hamburgers and I just had to take a picture of the teeny burger inside a HUGE bun.  It reminded me of that old commercial “Where’s the beef!”

Kid-sized hamburger at Fuddruckers – Where’s the Beef?

During the week we had a picnic by a small lake in an amazing canyon owned by the family of Liz’s business partner, Angie.  Here are some photos.

Canyon Lake near Dripping Springs. Grandson Dylan on pier. (Other boys in the distance in a paddle boat)

Daughter Liz pictured below deciding whether or not to cross the suspension bridge.  I finally got the courage to cross it and was very relieved when I made it to the other side.

Safe … but scary to cross … suspension bridge. Daughter Liz deciding whether or not to venture across. 

Grandson Collin waving at us from top of the hill

On our last night I had a great time playing Uno for several hours with my grandsons.  Here is a photo of me playing with Collin and Dylan in Liz’s kitchen.

Grandma playing Uno with Collin & Dylan

Victor spent several days in meetings at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. Unfortunately, he came down with a horrific sore throat the last day of our visit. I tried my best NOT to catch it from him, but I was unsuccessful.  So for the past few days since our return, we both have been nursing sore throats as well as other flu-like symptoms.  The good news is that I think we are both well on our way to recovery!

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  1. Love the pics, thanks for sharing with us. I felt so much Love, Peace, and Joy viewing them. I am reminded that beauty is everywhere, because we carry it with us 😉

    Hugs, Seq