The Unlimited You

One of the most difficult concepts for many of us to accept is that we are unlimited—that the life force that flows through us, that gives “life” to our bodies, is “Universal Life Force” which is unlimited.  All we have to do is begin to believe in the unlimited nature of our very being and we will be able to tap into that all-powerful love energy at will.

Victor and I have been meditating each morning since 1996.  We are fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom that we converted into a meditation room.  Over the years our meditation ritual has changed and evolved. When we first started our daily meditations we would begin with the affirmation, “Every cell in my body vibrates with the Almighty Presence of God’s Love and Grace.”  We had been saying that for a few weeks, when Victor said he felt that it was more than just our bodies that vibrated with God’s Presence, our BEINGS vibrated.  So we changed our affirmation to “I vibrate with the Almighty Presence of God’s Love and Grace.”  Shortly thereafter, we took another leap when we realized that we were expressing the unlimited nature of who we are and we changed our affirmation to, “I AM the Almighty Presence of God’s Love and Grace.”

Acknowledging that I AM Presence was a big leap for us.  And yet, it truly expresses our very nature.  We are made in the image of God.  How does it serve us to be less than that?  When we acknowledge that we have the Mighty Presence of God in us—that the life force that flows through us IS God—we are acknowledging our unlimited nature and the Source of our power.  It is not something outside us—it is within each of us—and is unlimited.

I encourage you to step into your power by remembering the unlimited nature of who you are — acknowledge your I AM Presence in whatever way feels appropriate for you.

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