Reflections On Turning 70!

Seventy! Ugh! How could I be 70 years old? Just the thought of it makes me feel like I’ve stepped into the realm of “being old.” Then I remember the alternative…

In 1995, at the age of 51, I underwent emergency open heart surgery for removal of a tennis-ball sized tumor inside my heart. After the nearly four-hour surgery, I was then faced with another life-threatening challenge. My pulmonary arteries had begun to spasm and my blood pressure plummeted to 50 over 30. Victor and my daughter Kris were finally informed that there was little hope that I would survive. It had been eight hours since the operation and despite the best efforts of the staff, they had been unable to raise my blood pressure. They were certain they were losing me.

Victor who is a certified hypnotherapist asked if he could be with me. For the next two hours he whispered in my ear, explaining to my body what it needed to do to stay alive. He talked to my heart and talked to my arteries. Even though I had not regained consciousness, he trusted that some part of me could hear him. After two hours, he took a break and returned to the waiting room where he went into a meditation. During that meditation he reached a point of surrender. “My will is that she stay… and Thy Will Be Done” resounded in his heart. At that moment of surrender a nurse hurried into the waiting room to find him. “Her blood pressure is coming up,” she said. By the time she led him back into my room, my blood pressure had returned to normal and thus began my journey back to life!

That surgery was one of those life altering events that created in me a deep sense of gratitude for the life I have been graced to live. So now, as I reflect on turning 70, I realize that I can do so with gratitude. I am in good health. I have a wonderful, loving and caring husband who refused to let me go 19 years ago. I have great children who have graced us with 11 grandchildren. I have an amazing circle of friends who continually inspire me.  I have creative work that I love. Truly, I am blessed to be turning 70!

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